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A militia officer on the hunt for a murderer. A scientist with the key to humanity’s future. A girl in a glass tank with no memory. One seeking justice. One seeking to fame. One seeking answers. With the galaxy on the brink of war, time is not on their side.


Aboard Hydra Station, Halazar vows to uncover the truth behind the murder of a friend and fellow officer. Saddled with an ambitious agent with authority over the investigation, she must choose between duty and justice.


Lanees, a human scientist, identifies a group of cells that may change the future of humanity. Her dream of fame seems to be coming true. However, her discovery draws the kind of attention that turns her life into a nightmare.


Meanwhile, in a secret lab on Rigel Prime, a human girl wakes up in a glass tank. With no idea of who or where she is, she struggles to understand her legacy in this strange, morose world.


Join them in their battle for survival.