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Hunting Darkness by Ian Bristow

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Detective Inspector Hunter Davis’s colleague was murdered as the reader finds out in the opening scene of this story. At the end of the funeral, he promises his late colleague and friend’s wife to find the murderer. From here the hunting begins. Or begins anew, as the reader soon finds out the murder seems to be the same of an unsolved old case. Hunter, saddled with a new sergeant—Maddox, a kickass, clever female character—finds himself thrown in a world where magic and reality are entwined.

I read Hunting Darkness by Ian Bristow in two days in what I would define as a page-turner. What I enjoyed the most was the female characters. There’s no princess in distress waiting for Prince Charming to save her. Gael and Maddox know what they want and know how to get it. Even Angie, a secondary character handles herself very well despite her circumstances. It's always a pleasure to read a male author who can write female characters without falling into boring cliches.

What I didn’t like:

Hunter, the main character, reminds me of an old maid fearing he won’t find the right one. It sounds out of place. I honestly can’t see a man with that kind of fear because ... nature.

Another thing that drove me crazy was the several references to the traffic around London and the detailed descriptions of the roads travelled by the MC. There were moments when I thought I was reading the transcription of Google maps directions.

And these are the reasons for not giving 5 stars, but I hardly do that unless I'm reading a masterpiece.

All in all, I read this paranormal thriller quickly enough to guarantee you it’s not a boring reading. It’s mostly fast, with a few unexpected plot twists.

You can snatch a copy of Hunting Darkness by Ian Bristow here.

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