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Interstellar starpilots: into the core worlds (Human starpilots Book 2) by Fabrice Stephan

Not everyone can become an interstellar starpilot. Training is extenuating and competition is hard, not to mention that they have to be capable to control nanites, special nano-robots. Pilots who can’t withstand them will be consumed by them.

Brian and Emily leave their Earth to become interstellar starpilots as an offer of their home planet to become a member of the Federation, and mostly to get support from it, especially technological support of which Earth is in dire need.

During their adventure to the school they visit different worlds, from Adheek to Alkath passing by Volpre. Their final destination the Alkath academy.

Interstellar starpilots: into the core worlds (Human starpilots Book 2) by Fabrice Stephan is a great story about outer worlds, alien worlds dealing with the same issues Earth faces today, ecosystem collapse and the use of technology to stop it, considering that technology itself brought to the collapse. It’s a galaxy to explore with the characters, humans and aliens alike. If you like alien worlds, you don’t want to miss this book.

What I enjoyed the most are some female characters throughout the novel. Strong-willed women determined to fight for what they believe in, who sometimes give in to uncertainties and doubt before making up their minds on their next goal. They usually don’t sparkle in combat prowess, but like real women have other strengths.


My least favourite character was Emily. She’s a wonderful character, who leaves Earth knowing she won’t be able to return if she fails to become an interstellar pilot. With her unsettling doubts about her future, she starts off as another incredible character, to fall into the Red Cross nurse syndrome, which killed her mercilessly to my eyes.

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